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Roofs of houses are normally referred to as roofing material. To protects the building from natural elements like wind, rain, and dust, roofing material is used on the roof of buildings.   Most commonly used roofing material nowadays is the roof shingles which are overlapping elements. Ceramic roof tiles are still used for roofing tough there are materials such as plastic, fiber cement and metal are used to make roof shingles. Their easy visibility means roof shingles play a big role in enhancing the building's aesthetic value. Some Roof shingles require roof sheeting for installation to take place while some are installed on the lath. However, all roof shingles are installed from the bottom to the top of the roof. more at roofers chattanooga tn
Most of the roof shingles used are made from materials locally available in the areas where the shingles are made. One of the commonly used of roof shingles in the united states of America is the asphalt shingles which h have a span of twenty to fifty years Wood shingles come in two types depending on how they are prepared. Wood shingles are sawn whereas wood shakes are split. Though expensive to maintain, wood shingles, also referred to as slate tiles have a lifespan of eighty to one hundred years depending on the quality of shingles used and the maintenance. Metal shingles are used in fire-prone areas as they are fire prone. Plastic has been used to create lightweight imitation slate shingles which are inexpensive but highly combustible. One of the fibre cement roof shingles was banned from being used because asbestos caused health issues in people. see more here GreenForm Construction roofing contractors

While choosing roof shingles for one's home, there are various factors one needs to consider. the temperature of the place will play a role in the color and material you choose to buy your shingle in. the darker shingles absorb heat hence suitable for colder climate while the light colored shingles are suitable for warmer climates. Color combination of the roof and the building is key. When contrasting colors, make sure that they go well together so that the final product looks pleasing to the eye.
Look around the neighborhood when picking your color, the goal here is to fit in and not look out of place. Various architectural styles require various roofing styles and colors, do your research on the kind of house you want to build and the type of roof used in that particular style of housing. Find out the various variety of roofing material available in an area before picking one. This will help you choose the right roofing material depending on its convenience to your housing needs.
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